How to open a clothing store clothing store experience sharing

clothing industry is a suction gold industry, many friends want to open a clothing store, but do not know how to proceed. Today, we’ll look at how other people to open a clothing store, learn from other people’s experience, can let us in the clothing store when detours.

two weeks later, Liu Xiaoyan got a job. A monthly salary of 900 yuan, Liu Xiaoyan was reluctant to eat a mouthful of fruit, she gave himself a rule, even if hungry, the woman opened the most profitable clothing store, you must save $800 a month. The one hundred piece is really very little, not enough, really very thrifty thrifty, some people do not understand, I feel like how so stingy ah, if not willing to spend money, I always said to myself, I can do a little of what things, but no money, you do not save money no one can help you. read more

ndustry inventory for female entrepreneurship

female entrepreneurship in the whole society is very common, at the same time, the whole society for the majority of women who have a lot of entrepreneurial projects, in many areas, which have a world of women entrepreneurs.

in creation, implementation of the main work of the occupation, the need for free and unfettered creative workers, because in the work place is very flexible, and therefore suitable to family SOHO family, including planning, public relations, multimedia design, costume design, editing, translation of words, advertising, music writing, photography, interpretation etc.. read more

Shanghai to open the new mode of entrepreneurial support + was put forward

is now a belongs to a customer of the times, at the same time, the whole society is continuously put forward the concept of innovation, recently in Shanghai first proposed the "+" such a new slogan, but also to promote the development of innovation project further.

7 PM, Shanghai City College of science and technology venture fund (hereinafter referred to as "EFG") reached a strategic cooperation with the Anglo-Dutch Company Unilever, officially launched a new business idea "support mode + digital technology innovation based on". read more

Reduce the difficulty of college entrance examination is a good thing

now in the college entrance examination compared with the previous, the degree of difficulty in fact there is a very big difference, as is known to all, now the difficulty of college entrance examination has been reduced. However, to reduce the difficulty of college entrance examination is a good thing? Let’s get to know each other.

recently, the Beijing test scores published, not only the students out of the full family, the more important is the score of PU, close to the full score of students everywhere. Not only in the exam, college entrance examination in Beijing is also the same, the number of high scores continue to set a new record. Some people say that to Tsinghua University, has not score, but can’t take the number of points. This phenomenon reflects the simplicity of the entrance examination, the trend of the model – the difficulty of the test and the decline of the division, the candidates do not spell the ability, but the degree of familiarity with the test is not lost points. read more

What matters should pay attention to the road

although many people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, but a lot of people are holding a groping attitude, the real success of the relative number is not much. For this reason, if we want to achieve great success in our careers, the relevant considerations naturally require great attention. So, the road to pay attention to what matters? And let’s get to know each other.

entrepreneurship is a very long process, slowly start the road, a little careless, will fall into the abyss of failure. So for entrepreneurs, how to do to avoid the fate of failure? In this article, the author will be listed in the process of entrepreneurship must pay attention to six things, I hope to be able to be on the road to the friends of some help. read more

What steps do you need to open a clothing store

clothing store can be seen everywhere, although the market has been relatively saturated, but because the space is too large to get rich, so there are many businesses want to do investment business. What steps do you need to open a clothing store? Many investors are very confident about this issue, and quickly come to contact us, do not miss.

1, site

it is a very important link, is the one thing we need to spend time. First of all, good location can avoid a lot of competition, is the key to determine your consumer groups. Secondly, the choice of shops by your money, how much money you can choose what kind of shops in what area. In general, the need for funds to open the shop, including the first payment of rent, renovation budget, purchase funds, working capital. read more

Little enlightenment to college students

in fact, many of the entrepreneurs are mostly college students, but how can we have a good advantage? Look at this group of College students. In fact, they have a lot of business opportunities can be developed.

: in the high-tech field waterside pavilion

because students in high technology frontier, and knowledge base is very deep, in the campus can be faster and better master one or several cutting-edge technology. Therefore, business in this area has a First come, first served. advantage. But not all college students are suitable for entrepreneurship in the high-tech field, in general, deep technical knowledge, excellent academic performance of college students have a successful grasp. Students interested in Entrepreneurship in this field, can actively participate in various types of entrepreneurial competition, to get the opportunity to stand out, while attracting venture capital. read more

Have to look at the clothing store location tips

site selection for some of the projects are the most important, the clothing industry is one of them, the location of the good or bad now almost a clothing store is an important standard to make money. The whole business of the small make up for you briefly introduce some problems that need to pay attention to the selection of clothing stores, entrepreneurs who are interested may wish to look at.

1, a clothing store and pick the place: determine the crowd flow rate

2, opened a clothing store to find the location: visit the surrounding environment of

3, opened a clothing store at the store building to live advertising read more

Wedding shop purchase should pay attention to these three matters

contemporary high standard of living, for the wedding, the wedding is very particular about the selection, the wedding shop is very good to make money, you want to open the house and the success of your silly shop, when the purchase must pay attention to the following three points.

1, purchase wearing

to a station, the wholesale market well, everyone wearing all kinds of, but you can’t think what to wear to purchase nothing. Although there are specific requirements for the purchase of not wearing, but remember not to dress up too fashionable and elegant clothes, do not wear high heels! Purchase is a liqihuo, if walking is too unstable high-heeled shoes, no one will take you when getting goods? If you are familiar. Has been a regular store, see the style, can make those wholesalers delivery except wedding. read more

Congee shop decoration to pay attention to what

since the shop opened the door to the customer, it is necessary to do a good job related to the decoration of the shop, so that more consumers are satisfied, and thus the operation of the entire store has a very good development. However, if you want to decorate a consumer recognized shops, there are a lot of attention. So, porridge shop decoration to pay attention to what? Let me see small series of.

porridge shop decoration should be simple and fine win, too luxurious decoration will allow customers to flinch. The store clean and bright, with wooden table, wooden chair, looks simple and elegant. read more

Hefei high price bubble to some extent hinder the process of Urbanization

in the process of economic development, housing prices have been a major concern. At present, for the high prices in Hefei, there are professionals to make a full analysis of the following, we look at the following, the status of the high price bubble in Hefei!

2016 after the Spring Festival, China real estate market appeared in a hitherto unknown situation in Shanghai and Shenzhen are skyrocketing Chonggao momentum, causing part of the second tier city market first-tier cities and the surrounding area, rushed to pick up the radiation. Known as the new four dragons in Nanjing, Xiamen, Hefei, Suzhou prices rose significantly, the chain rose far more than the first tier cities. read more

What are the 15 projects to make money after 80 hot items you choose

80 has gradually as the protagonist of contemporary Chinese thirty years of age, the entrepreneurial direction you where?? small finishing these fifteen projects will be the most profitable, to inspire you! What are the

for the current social aging open a   family rental;   shop, special services for the elderly, promising. The main content of the project includes two aspects, one is the temporary rental   family members   with the aged, chat, dinner time, relieve their loneliness and loneliness; the two is to provide temporary services, such as shopping, cooking, shopping, accompanied by a doctor, escort. Rent a stationary front room, prepare a telephone and other necessary office supplies, and then hire a number of different levels of staff to open business. The hired staff usually can not work in the store, but need to be on call. Can also train a number of fixed service personnel to deal with the daily affairs of the store. What are the


80 early delivery money project?

read more

How to polish a strong entrepreneurial team

to join the venture company more than a year, my most sincere feeling is: no matter how good people, must be integrated into a suitable team, to achieve maximum value; no matter how many outstanding individuals, must be the same direction, consensus, understand cooperation, into a strong team, only the opportunity to succeed.

this is the biggest premise of an excellent team of the polish. The key lies in how to understand the "strong" these three words. I think that "strong" needs the following elements: courage and determination, selfless, play…… However, courage is the first, but also my heart a qualified Leader the most valuable spiritual character. Any team will continue to face new goals, new challenges, especially in start-up companies, few people can see the future, to find a truly sustainable profit point.

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What is the most awesome industry to make money

2011 is an awesome, awesome in this year, we all count what the most awesome industry to make money. The most promising money industry: to provide consumers with value-added products to the development of retail business, the more highly civilized countries, the concept of parity play more extreme, so in the United States, Japan and other countries, a quarter of goods everywhere, large shopping center, Japan’s $100 stores will therefore hit a remarkable performance. In addition, the economic downturn, industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, but also one of the reasons for the prevalence of parity concept store. read more

How to do a successful jewelry business

different dress, on different occasions, a few small ornaments collocation, bring the feeling will be completely changed, so now with the economic improvement, the jewelry market is really ushered in the great development, all kinds of jewelry brand is also in constant investment, so how to make a successful jewelry business?

1, first of all to choose a high reputation brand

select accessories to join the brand, to see whether the headquarters has consciousness and innovative business ideas, will only follow the trend of the enterprise can be directly rejected, and other brand jewelry enterprises walking brand also try not to join, this kind of enterprise does not have to make sense as the headquarters of responsibility, quanqian speculation consciousness is overweight, its operating capacity is not up to the requirements of the development of robust jewelry. read more

Would like to invest in 6 strokes to teach you choose to shop

many people are tired of working life, want to change the status quo through entrepreneurship. Investment shop, it is natural to choose a shop, so that the business will be better. In the site before you need to understand some of the principles can be spread, the following 6 strokes teach you to choose to shop.  

A, to understand the city and regional planning  

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