Savoir nager pour être en sécurité près de leau

first_imgPendant la Semaine nationale de prévention de la noyade, qui se déroule du 19 au 25 juillet, on rappelle aux Néo-Écossais que le fait d’apprendre à nager est une bonne façon d’améliorer la sécurité dans l’eau. « Des compétences de base en natation permettent de pratiquer une activité physique amusante et saine, et aussi de survivre lorsque les choses tournent mal dans l’eau, affirme Leo Glavine, ministre de la Santé et du Mieux-être. C’est pourquoi les élèves de la 3e année de la province ont l’occasion d’acquérir des compétences de base en natation dans le cadre du programme Swim to Survive. » Le programme Swim to Survive est financé par le plan Thrive! pour une Nouvelle-Écosse en meilleure santé. Il est offert par la division de la Nouvelle-Écosse de la Société de sauvetage. « Le fait d’enseigner la natation à nos enfants et de superviser leurs activités permet d’améliorer leur sécurité à la plage ou près d’un cours d’eau, souligne Paul d’Eon, directeur des projets spéciaux de la Société de sauvetage. Nous encourageons aussi les Néo-Écossais à nager dans un secteur qui est surveillé par un sauveteur dans la mesure du possible afin de prévenir une tragédie. » Les statistiques de la Société de sauvetage démontrent que 308 Canadiens se sont noyés en 2014, y compris 12 Néo-Écossais. La Société organise la Semaine nationale de prévention de la noyade en Nouvelle-Écosse. Pour plus d’information sur la sécurité nautique, consultez le (en anglais seulement).last_img read more

Member of socalled Toronto 18 terror group denied parole

first_imgA member of the so-called Toronto 18 terrorist group has been denied parole after a panel found he needed to undergo more counselling for deradicalization.In a decision released Wednesday, the two-member Parole Board of Canada panel says Saad Khalid has “outstanding needs” that need to be addressed before he can be granted day or full parole. It noted, however, that deradicalization counselling sessions were not readily available for Khalid.The panel says that while Khalid has shown genuine remorse for his actions, he remains at a medium-security classification and would present an undue risk to society if released now.Khalid, 31, was among 18 people arrested in the summer of 2006 in what came to be known as the Toronto 18 terrorist group.The group planned to build and detonate bombs in three locations to protest Canada’s military involvement in Afghanistan. Eleven group members were ultimately convicted.Khalid pleaded guilty and was initially sentenced to 14 years but that was later increased to 20 years after Crown prosecutors appealed, minus seven years credit for pre-sentence custody.The Supreme Court of Canada declined to hear his case and those of two other Toronto 18 members who sought to appeal their sentences.Khalid had sought to be released on full parole to live with his parents, or on day parole, which would have seen him live in a halfway house and work as an office assistant and apprentice in a mechanic shop.The parole board acknowledged Khalid showed more insight into his behaviour and motivations during his hearing last week, noting he recalled being angry with Canadian foreign policy in Afghanistan and growing more radicalized through listening to extremists.“Your presentation at today’s hearing was insightful and forthcoming. You did not shy away from your responsibility and you were very articulate. Your remorse was genuine,” the panel wrote.“At the same time, while your criminal history consists only of your index offence, the board views as an aggravating factor the seriousness of your crime and the catastrophic damages that your plot would have caused had your group been successful in moving ahead,” it said.Khalid, who immigrated to Canada from Saudi Arabia in 1995, has behaved well while behind bars, the board said.He received counselling from an imam for three years but those sessions came to an end in 2013 after the imam’s contract ended, the panel said.“Although your institutional conduct has been appropriate and you have availed yourself of all the opportunities within the institution, you still have outstanding needs, including counselling with respect to deradicalization,” it said.“Given the level of radicalization you admit to, a very gradual reintegration is warranted starting with the fact that your progress should be tested in a more open environment,” the panel said.“Given the foregoing, the board denies day and full parole as it is of the opinion that you will present an undue risk to society if released and that your release will not contribute to the protection of society by facilitating your reintegration into society as a law-abiding citizen.”last_img read more

RCMP looking anew at 284 sexual assault cases from 2016

first_imgOTTAWA – The Mounties say they are going to take a new look at 284 sexual assault cases that they originally classified as unfounded.The decision comes after the RCMP reviewed 2,225 sexual assault files from 2016 in which police concluded that no violation of the law had taken place or was attempted.The force says 1,260 of the unfounded cases were misclassified and the 284 need further investigation.The RCMP says a team in Ottawa reviewed reports from divisions across the country to assess all aspects of sexual assault investigations, consult with external stakeholders, partners and experts and provide direction on how to improve investigations.In all, the Mounties say they responded to 10,038 reported sexual assaults in 2016.Before the review, 22 per cent of the cases were ruled unfounded, but that label now covers 9.6 per cent.The force says it is committed to supporting victims of sexual assault and treating them with compassion, care and respect.It promises to conduct investigations consistently and to the highest professional standards.Among other things, it says it wants to “increase public awareness and trust of RCMP sexual assault investigations and encourage greater levels of reporting.”The Mounties announced the review last February, after a series of Globe and Mail reports that the newspaper said exposed deep flaws in the way investigators treat sexual assault allegations.The Globe analyzed data obtained through freedom-of-information laws from scores of police services, and concluded that police across Canada close about one in five sex-assault cases as unfounded.As a result of consultations with 30 NGOs and 44 government partners, including victim advocates, Crown prosecutors and health care workers across the country, the RCMP plans to develop a new sexual assault training curriculum.It said the training will look at existing legislation and consent law and focus on trauma-informed investigative tools and approaches.It will also highlight common myths and stereotypes, reinforce victim rights and support services and bolster supervisory oversight and review.“This training will be inclusive of vulnerable populations including but not limited to: Indigenous people, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, sex trade workers, children and youth under 18,” The force said in a statement.“It will also be reflective of the diverse cultures and communities the RCMP serves.”last_img read more

BC heading to court in Alberta to stop fuel restriction law may

first_imgVICTORIA – Tensions over the Trans Mountain pipeline increased Thursday with British Columbia announcing plans to launch a lawsuit over new Alberta legislation that could restrict fuel exports to the West Coast.B.C. Attorney General David Eby said his province will ask the Court of Queen’s Bench in Alberta to declare the legislation unconstitutional on the grounds that one province cannot punish another.The bill, which allows limits on fuel exports to B.C., was passed by Alberta’s legislature on Wednesday.If Alberta moves to implement the act, B.C. will apply for an injunction and seek damages, Eby said.“Unfortunately, proceedings like this can take years if it goes all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada, which is why we wanted to start at the Supreme Court of Canada if we could,” he said. “But we’re starting at the court to get this remedy we’re seeking, which is to have this law struck as unconstitutional.”Alberta Premier Rachel Notley declined to say when or how the legislation would be implemented, but she said she believes the law will withstand a legal challenge.“We feel pretty confident that we have authority to control the export of our own resources under the Constitution as a means of maximizing the return to the people of Alberta,” she said. “So we’re going to go ahead with it on that basis.”Notley told business leaders at a speech in Edmonton that her government doesn’t want to impose hardship on B.C. businesses and families, but Alberta must also safeguard its interests.About 100 business people from B.C. travelled over the Rockies and joined 200 colleagues from the Edmonton and Calgary chambers of commerce to hear Notley speak.“If we have to we’ll do what former Alberta premiers have done and we will act to assert our resources to get the most value possible out of our resources,” she said. “In so doing we will contribute to the long-term health of our country.”Plans to triple capacity along Kinder Morgan’s existing Trans Mountain pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby have pitted Alberta and the federal government against B.C.’s government, which says the risk of a spill is too great for the province’s environment and economy.B.C. filed a reference case in the province’s Court of Appeal last month to determine if it has jurisdiction to regulate heavy oil shipments. It also joined two other lawsuits launched by Indigenous groups opposed to the $7.4-billion project.Kinder Morgan has ceased all non-essential spending on the project until it receives assurances it can proceed without delays, setting a May 31 deadline on getting those guarantees.Finance Minister Bill Morneau said Wednesday the federal government is prepared to offer an “indemnity” to help ease the political risks for any investors to ensure the pipeline expansion can proceed.B.C. Premier John Horgan accused the federal government of committing tax dollars to back a private company’s venture.Meanwhile, B.C. Environment Minister George Heyman rejected an offer Thursday from federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna to form a joint panel of scientists to research oil spills.Heyman said B.C. already has its own scientific panel looking into ways to prevent and respond to bitumen spills. He said McKenna is looking to form a Canada-wide panel, but B.C. needs to focus on its specific needs.“Estimates for impacts on the city of Vancouver’s economy alone range from $215 million to $1.23 billion in the case of a catastrophic spill,” he said in a letter to McKenna.— With files from Dean Bennett in Edmonton.last_img read more

Former Kosovo official held on contempt granted provisional release by UN tribunal

Bajrush Morina was convicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), which is based in The Hague, for attempting to persuade a protected witness, with the codename PW, not to testify against the former leader. Mr. Haradinaj, who was also a prominent commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) during the conflict with Serb forces in 1998-99, was acquitted in April last year by the ICTY of a series of charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including murder, rape, torture, abduction, cruel treatment, imprisonment and the forced deportation of Serbian and Kosovar Roma civilians. When they announced the verdict, the judges said the Tribunal had encountered many difficulties in securing testimony from witnesses during the trials of Mr. Haradinaj and his two co-accused. Prosecutors later filed an appeal, describing what they called the “prevailing circumstances of intimidation and fear.” Mr. Morina, who had been adviser to the Deputy Minister for Culture, Youth and Sport of Kosovo and a newspaper editor, was convicted on 17 December 2008 along with co-accused Astrit Haraqija, the government minister of the same department. The former adviser spent a total of three months in the Tribunal’s Detention Unit, where he was held for a few weeks during his initial appearance in court and again at the time of his trial.Both the Prosecution and the Defence have appealed the ICTY’s judgement to release Mr. Morina, whose freedom is now dependent on the outcome of the Appeals judgement. 10 February 2009The United Nations war crimes tribunal set up in the wake of the Balkan conflicts of the 1990s has ordered the provisional release of a former Kosovo official who has completed a three-month sentence for contempt of court for witness tampering during the trial of former prime minister Ramush Haradinaj. read more

DR of Congo aid to rebels must stop Security Council members say

Members of the Council were “deeply disturbed” by reports of horrific violence, particularly in the eastern part of the DRC, the Council President said in a press statement following the body’s consultations on the Congolese peace process. He pointed out that Council resolution 1341 had called on all parties to the Lusaka ceasefire agreement to cease support for the rebels who are mainly responsible for the violence and humanitarian abuse. “That assistance has got to stop and the parties have got to come with plans that cease the activities of the armed rebel groups that are not signatories to Lusaka,” said Ambassador Jeremy Greenstock of the United Kingdom, which holds the Council’s presidency for the month of April. “It’s a very important part of the story to come and the Council is not going to let go of it.”A recent report by Secretary-General Kofi Annan refers to the violence in some areas as having almost a genocidal character, which Ambassador Greenstock said “casts a nasty echo back from previous history.”While welcoming the progress of troop disengagement so far, members of the Council said they expected all parties to live up fully to their commitments under the agreements, cooperate unreservedly with the UN Mission in the DRC (MONUC) and draw up realistic plans by the 15 May for their complete withdrawal from the DRC, as requested in Security Council resolution 1304. “And we also want to see realistic plans for a demobilization, disarmament, reconciliation and reintegration process,” Ambassador Greenstock said. “We’ve seen the importance of that in the Sierra Leone and other contexts; it’s going to be vital for the DRC.”The issues of aiding armed rebels and disengaging troops will be high on the agenda of an upcoming mission by the Security Council to the DRC in mid-May, the Council President said, adding that Mr. Annan also has invited the Council to a retreat on 4 to 5 May to discuss the Great Lakes region. Meanwhile, in the DRC, more than 120 MONUC soldiers from Morocco were deployed earlier today in the town of Kisangani. The troops had been waiting since Sunday in Bangui, the capital of the nearby Central African Republic, because of obstruction to their deployment by the rebel Congolese Rally for Democracy. The peacekeepers were met by large cheering crowds of about 100,000 people who threw flowers and shouted, “Bon courage!” to them. The troops were also greeted by the Mission’s Force Commander, Lt. Gen. Mountaga Diallo. Their arrival brings the total number of UN troops in the DRC to about 600. read more

Hawaii may be breaking law by allowing foreign men to fish

In this Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017, photo, a man stands on a commercial fishing boat docked at Pier 38 in Honolulu. Hawaii authorities may have been violating their own state laws for years by issuing commercial fishing licenses to thousands of foreign workers who have been refused entry into the United States, The Associated Press has found. About 700 of these men are currently confined to vessels in Honolulu without visas, some making less than $1 an hour. (AP Photo/Caleb Jones) Hawaii may be breaking law by allowing foreign men to fish by Margie Mason And Martha Mendoza, The Associated Press Posted Feb 10, 2017 5:34 am MDT Last Updated Feb 10, 2017 at 5:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email HONOLULU, Hawaii – Hawaii authorities may have been violating their own state law for years by issuing commercial fishing licenses to thousands of foreign workers who were refused entry into the country, The Associated Press has found.About 700 of these men are currently confined to vessels in Honolulu without visas, some making less than $1 an hour. They work without most basic labour protections just a few miles from Waikiki’s white sand beaches, catching premium tuna and swordfish sold at some of America’s most upscale grocery stores, hotels and restaurants.The AP found that under state law, these workers — who make up most of the crew in a fleet catching $110 million worth of seafood annually — may not be allowed to fish at all.A recent industry-sponsored assessment of crew members’ treatment and living conditions found no human trafficking, but raised concerns that workers could be vulnerable to exploitation and said they have little recourse about paying fees or incurring debt in order to hold their jobs.“There exists no system of grievance mechanisms for crew to voice concerns over pay,” according to the report.In this unique fishing arrangement facilitated by both federal and state officials, Hawaii’s boat owners pay brokers up to $10,000 to bring each crew member from impoverished Southeast Asian and Pacific island nations. The men aren’t allowed to arrive at Honolulu’s airport because they lack visas, so they are instead flown to other countries and put on U.S.-owned fishing boats for long sails back to Hawaii.Before the men start working, they need a state commercial fishing license. In order to get it, Hawaii requires that they must be “lawfully admitted” to the U.S.Here’s the hitch: When they arrive, they are met at the dock by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents who ban them from entering the country by stamping “refused” on their landing permits, which voids them. So instead of being “lawfully admitted,” they are now barred by law from setting foot on U.S. soil.“Try taking a check to your bank that says ‘void’ on it and telling them, ‘Oh, but they wrote the check to me,’” said Hawaii attorney Lance Collins, who advocates for the workers.Nonetheless, a written opinion by Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin said the Department of Land and Natural Resources provides the landing permits as proof the fishermen are “lawfully admitted.”U.S. Customs sees it differently.“NO. They cannot be admitted,” spokesman Frank Falcon wrote in an email, adding that the stamp means they can’t even enter the U.S. temporarily. In rare cases, including medical emergencies, Customs can parole the men to go ashore.Foreign crews on boats and aircraft, including cruise ship workers and flight attendants, fill out landing permits when they arrive in the U.S. Customs takes those applications and decides whether to allow each individual to temporarily enter the country. When landing permits are stamped refused, that serves as proof that authorities have been alerted that foreigners without visas are on arriving vessels or planes, and triggers an order for captains to detain them on board.Chin’s office did not respond to AP’s queries about the refusal stamp. However, Land and Natural Resources department spokesman Dan Dennison said in an email that the attorney general advised his agency to continue issuing fishing licenses to the foreign workers despite the fact that Customs says the men are not “lawfully admitted.”The Hawaii Longline Association, which represents boat owners, says the men are legally hired for legitimate work on the fleet’s 141 active vessels. And while the conditions and pay are often below U.S. standards, the jobs are typically better than the bleak opportunities the men have at home, mostly in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and the tiny Pacific island of Kiribati.Under federal law, U.S. citizens must make up 75 per cent of the crew on most American commercial fishing boats. An AP investigation last year revealed Hawaii’s fleet relies on a federal loophole allowing the foreign fishermen to work.In a hearing prompted by the AP report, Land and Natural Resources department administrator Bruce Anderson was asked why he issues commercial fishing licenses to foreign workers who can’t enter the state.He said the crewman’s landing permit “says in essence that the individual has the right to fish in U.S. waters but cannot step ashore.” He did not mention that all the permits were stamped “refused.”Democratic state Rep. Kaniela Ing, chairman of the Ocean, Marine Resources and Hawaiian Affairs committee, has queried Chin and other state officials at length about why the men cannot leave their boats.Ing said state officials failed to disclose the refusal stamp to him when he asked to see the landing permits.“It always seemed paradoxical that the proof of lawful entry was a landing form, but the crew members weren’t allowed to land or leave the boat,” he said, after the AP told him about the stamp. “We just didn’t have the smoking gun evidence to point to why, and now we do.”Critics say the fishing licenses could be just one of several ways the state is breaking its own laws:—The lowest-paid fishermen have contracts promising $300 a month, well below the state’s wage minimums. The Labor Department says it doesn’t intervene because the workers fall under federal, not state, jurisdiction. But department head Linda Chu Takayama also said she’s awaiting further legal guidance.— Chin, the attorney general, said in his written opinion that employers in Hawaii typically cannot withhold wages, but some fishermen told the AP they are paid only after returning home when their one- or two-year contracts end.— Chin said telling consumers “that fish had been caught by local fishermen” may violate the state’s deceptive practice laws if misinformation likely affects their shopping choices. The Hawaii Seafood Council claims the catch is “produced by Hawaii’s hard-working fishermen.” Council Program Manager John Kaneko did not respond to the AP.Federal law also is in question: U.S. Customs requires captains to detain the men on board and hold their passports because they are banned from entering the country. That potentially goes against U.S. human-trafficking laws saying bosses who possess workers’ identification documents can face up to five years in prison.The foreign fishermen’s catch is sold everywhere from Costco to Sam’s Club and upscale restaurants across the U.S., including Trump International Hotel Waikiki. Whole Foods announced it would suspend buying seafood from the fleet after the AP’s initial report, while Costco says it is monitoring the situation. The Trump hotel and Wal-Mart, which owns Sam’s Club, did not provide an immediate response.The story also exposed dangerous, unsanitary conditions and at least two instances of human trafficking. It prompted new commitments from boat owners to protect the crew members’ welfare.After a follow-up briefing on Capitol Hill, several members of Congress expressed “grave concerns” about working conditions in a letter to the Coast Guard and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.The Hawaii Seafood Council’s survey of 207 fishermen identified a series of potential problems, particularly involving recruiting and payment of the foreign crew.Some fishermen had contracts requiring that part of their salaries or identification papers be withheld until they returned home. Others had signed agreements that said they had to pay for replacement workers if they broke their contracts, or faced $5,000 fines for absconding — equivalent to a year’s salary for some.However, the assessment also found some fishermen had excellent relationships with their captains. All said they were being paid in cash, and none expressed concerns about forced labour or human trafficking.No one complained about access to food, but the report described one labour agent as saying that she had men on a boat who had not been paid for two months and that she bought groceries for fishermen at times when their boats ran out.The industry has implemented a new universal crew contract that requires owners to pay all recruiting fees and gives the fishermen their salaries within four days of landing. A draft Code of Conduct seeks to safeguard workers’ rights.But there are no wage minimums as initially promised by Hawaii Longline Association president Sean Martin. The Honolulu Fish Auction now does business only with boats whose workers have signed those agreements.Martin declined to be interviewed, but he and other industry leaders have condemned labour abuses. They have said the workers are happy to have the jobs and typically do not complain, with many renewing their contracts and even recruiting relatives.Still, little has changed, with foreign crews typically spending three weeks a month at sea, working up to 20 hours a day, usually for far less than American fishermen nationwide, who average $2,500 a month. Their situation has been widely accepted as legal.The AP investigation is part of an ongoing global look at labour abuses in the fishing industry, stretching from Southeast Asia to America’s own waters.In 2015, the AP reported on fishermen locked in a cage and others buried under fake names on the remote Indonesian island village of Benjina. Their catch was traced to the United States, leading to more than 2,000 slaves being freed. But thousands more remain trapped worldwide in a murky industry where work takes place far from shore and often without oversight.In Hawaii, most vessels dock at piers 17 and 38, which are guarded and patrolled, but some go as far as the West Coast. And, although technically not allowed, they do venture onto the piers briefly to socialize and use restrooms.Last year, Customs said six fishermen were deported after wandering away from their boats in Honolulu, some to visit friends on other vessels, others sneaking away for a drink.In 2010, two Indonesian fishermen who fled their boat in San Francisco alleging abuse were granted visas as victims of human trafficking and are now suing their former boat owner.Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Virginia Kice said agents checking out a number of leads related to possible human trafficking in the fleet have “identified instances where crew members were contending with less than ideal working conditions,” but found no situations meeting the legal threshold to bring criminal charges.Federal marine observers, who live with the men for weeks at a time at sea, said some fishermen have good working conditions while others are sometimes mistreated, not given proper health care, provided unclean drinking water and fed bait and rice. Many are forced to use buckets as toilets on board.Others in the community also have concerns. Uli Kozak, an Indonesian language professor at the University of Hawaii who has long exchanged home-cooked meals for fresh fish, said the workers sometimes ask for vegetables because of shortages on board.He said some captains have banned men from speaking their native language on boats.There’s “a lot of verbal abuse, even physical abuse, being slapped in the face,” Kozak said. “I have come across cases where people said, ‘If I had ever known that it would be as bad as this, I would have never taken that job.’”___Follow Martha Mendoza and Margie Mason on Twitter at @mendozamartha and @MargieMasonAP read more

Can Chris Paul And James Harden Play Together

2013CHAK. Walker & R. Sessions65.756.746.851.3 1997PHOJ. Kidd & K. Johnson83.076.746.939.7 Troy Williams15-2.7+0.5 Ryan Anderson25+1.8-2.2 2016HOUJ. Harden & T. Lawson77.657.751.947.3 2003MILG. Payton & S. Cassell73.763.454.551.5 2014TORG. Vasquez & K. Lowry79.564.243.345.1 2003DALN. Van Exel & S. Nash71.260.749.847.2 With Wednesday’s bombshell that the LA Clippers are trading Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets, the main question on most NBA observers’ minds is this: How exactly is the new pairing between Paul and James Harden — two ace playmakers who’ve spent years as the focal point of their respective offenses — supposed to work together in harmony?Both Paul and Harden ranked among the league’s top four players in assist rate last season, and both were among the top 50 in usage rate as well.1OK, so it’s more Harden who dominated the usage rate rankings (he ranked fourth and Paul was 47th). But still. They’re both used to dominating the ball and calling the shots. But come next season, one (or, more likely, both) will probably have to adjust to a different role in order to coexist.In the modern NBA, we’ve never really seen a pair of playmakers be thrown together quite like this. I went back to the 1976 NBA-ABA merger and searched for any time two players who logged at least 1,500 minutes with a high assist rate (at least 30 percent) and a high usage rate (at least 20 percent) came together after playing some (or all) of the previous season on different teams.2I also ensured they played 1,000 or more minutes the next season on the same team. There were only 13 situations fitting those criteria; Paul and Harden would become the 14th.(And the cut-offs I used in each stat were liberal — Paul and Harden each had assist rates in excess of 45 percent and usages over 24 percent last season, far above the thresholds I imposed.) Replacement level player40-1.7-0.3 The Rockets are going to be good, but not Warriors-goodCARMELO projections for the 2017-18 Houston Rockets We’ve never seen a pairing like CP3 and Harden beforeTeams on which players with a previous assist rate of at least 30 percent and a previous usage rate of at least 20 percent played together 2012LACM. Williams & C. Paul82.762.345.847.2 Nene15-0.6+1.5 2015TORK. Lowry & G. Vasquez65.156.344.045.2 To qualify, players had to play at least 1,500 minutes the previous season, at least partially for different teams. They also had to play at least 1,000 minutes during the season in question.Source: Eric Gordon25+1.8-2.4 James Harden35+5.8+0.8 Clint Capela25-0.9+1.3 2002DALT. Hardaway & S. Nash70.159.845.444.3 2017DETR. Jackson & I. Smith74.562.853.046.9 The fact that the Rockets’ new pairing is unique doesn’t mean it won’t work. First of all, having more gifted passers on the floor is almost always a good thing — ball movement greases the wheels of the modern scoring machine, after all — which is probably why the teams above improved their offenses by an average of 3.0 points per 100 possessions (relative to league average) after acquiring their new playmakers. Secondly, both Paul and Harden are great shooters: CP3 knocked down 39 percent of his 3-pointers these past three seasons, and Harden was a 37 percent shooter from downtown as a member of the Thunder early in his career, before he was asked to carry so much of the Rockets’ offensive burden.To that last point, Harden’s workload has increased so much in recent seasons that he was doing nearly the work of two players anyway. If it weren’t for Russell Westbrook redefining just how much responsibility a single player can bear, we’d be talking about Harden putting on arguably the greatest one-man show in NBA history. Having Paul aboard will lighten the all-around load for a player who’s also proven he can be one of the most efficient complementary scorers in modern history.Of course, the Rockets also dealt away a number of players to get Paul, who missed 21 games with an injury last season. So depth might be a concern: even after picking up CP3, FiveThirtyEight’s preliminary CARMELO projections think the Rockets only have 56 wins of talent on hand for next year, only a game better than they did last year. (Though a bunch of the teams’ minutes will go to players who aren’t signed yet. The projection assumes the Rockets will resign Nene, which they haven’t yet.) 2011MIAD. Wade & L. James78.258.468.463.1 Harden and Paul’s combined assist rate of 97.5 percent last season easily tops the list, and their combined usage of 58.6 percent ranks third (trailing only LeBron James’ partnerships with Dwyane Wade and Kyrie Irving). As far as teams with two world-class facilitators go, the 2017-18 Houston Rockets will be unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed in NBA history.(That history, it should be noted, seldom saw these kinds of team-ups at all until very recently, probably because teams worried about the defensive consequences of playing two point guards together — a concern that is vanished in the “positionless basketball” era.)VIDEO: Chris Paul and James Harden are a rare duo YEARTEAMPLAYERSAPARTTOGETHERAPARTTOGETHER PLAYERTOTAL MIN. PLAYEDOFF. PLUS/MINUSDEF. PLUS/MINUS Trevor Ariza30-0.1+0.8 COMBINED ASSIST %COMBINED USAGE % WINSLOSSES 2009CLEL. James & M. Williams67.358.155.657.2 2015CLEL. James & K. Irving63.663.659.258.5 Rockets’ projected record55.526.5 Team total240+7.1-0.4 Chris Paul30+6.2-0.1 *This projection assumes the Rockets resign Nene. 2018HOUC. Paul & J. Harden97.5—58.6— One more factor to consider: the diminishing returns we have to discuss whenever we talk about superteams. If we’ve learned anything from the brief history of these lineups at work, it’s that teams with complementary skills — like the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors and 2007-08 Boston Celtics — retain more of their on-paper production than teams like the 2010-11 Miami Heat, whose stars (James and Wade) duplicated many of the same skills.In Paul and Harden, there are a lot of skills being duplicated. But the Rockets are hoping that it will be offset by the sheer talent and adaptability of the players involved. Either way, it should be one of the more interesting experiments ever conducted on an NBA court.CORRECTION (June 29, 11:17 a.m.): A previous version of this story listed Montrezl Harrell on the projected roster for the 2017-18 Rockets. Harrell was traded to the Clippers in the Chris Paul deal. The table has been amended with a new win projection for the 2017-18 Rockets, giving Harrell’s minutes to forward Troy Williams. read more

Sinn Féin TD criticises police crackdown at Native American protest

first_img SINN FÉIN TD Séan Crowe has hit out at what he described as “brutal tactics” used by the police against Native Americans at a US protest.The party’s Foreign Affairs spokesman said he was shocked by the actions of police as people protested against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline.The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has led protests against the construction which they say threatens their water supply and heritage.Former US Vice President Al Gore and Hollywood actors Murk Ruffalo and Shailene Woodley have all criticised the proposals in recent weeks.Crowe said: “Last month, I sent a solidarity message to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, who are protesting against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. Horseback riders make their way through an encampment near North Dakota’s Standing Rock Sioux reservation. Source: AP/Press Association Images“Like many others, I’m extremely concerned for the welfare of these protesters as armed police have moved in to disperse the activists. There are widespread allegations of police brutality and film footage from the scene is damning. I completely condemn the use of rubber bullets by the police.“I want to echo the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe criticism of law enforcement’s militarised response to the protest camp.ViolencePolice in the US said they had arrested 117 people and confirmed two instances of gunshots in the latest flare of tensions over a controversial oil pipeline project.One person was shot in the hand after being “run off the road by protestors,” said the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services.Another protester was arrested after firing three shots at police. No injuries were reported. Protests have escalated in recent weeks. Source: Jacquelyn Martin/PALaw enforcement reported incidents of Molotov cocktails being thrown at officers and fires being set.The chaos began erupting in late on Thursday morning when police started moving in to break up protest encampments on public roads and on private land.With reporting by AFPWoman who slipped on human faeces at hospital awarded €16,000 >“We’ve tried not to disrupt public services”: Gardaí hold second day of industrial action > Friday 28 Oct 2016, 2:38 PM 50 Comments Oct 28th 2016, 2:38 PM 10,964 Views Share287 Tweet Email2 center_img Image: AP/Press Association Images Image: AP/Press Association Images Short URL By Garreth MacNamee Sinn Féin TD criticises police crackdown at Native American protest The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has demanded that the construction of a pipeline through its land is stopped. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Howe vows to develop Solanke at Bournemouth

first_imgBournemouth manager Eddie Howe has set his sights on helping new signing Dominic Solanke to reach his potential at the club.Just like Callum Wilson developed into an England international, Howe believes Bournemouth is the right place for Solanke to improve and add to his solitary cap for England.Solanke, however, is currently sidelined with a hamstring injury after joining the club from Liverpool and set to return next month for his Bournemouth debut.“It’s about everything really, we’re looking just to develop the player, individual, person,” Howe told Sky Sports after Bournemouth 3-1 home defeat to Brighton.Brad Smith is loving his time at MLS Manuel R. Medina – August 27, 2019 Smith has been loaned from AFC Bournemouth to Seattle Sounders for a whole season, and the Australian footballer is enjoying his time there.“We’ve got to try and push as hard as we can to help them maximize everything they’ve got.“It’s about developing potential, that’s what we’ve always done, we’ve always believed in youth, and to work on the training ground to foster that.“That’s how we’ve worked for a number of years, and that won’t change.”last_img read more

Dog dies from saltwater poisoning after swimming at Florida beach

first_imgVeterinarians said that if pet owners want to take their pups to the beach, it’s best to limit the trip to just two hours and to take breaks every half-hour and have them drink plenty of water.“The best thing to do is to always have an abundance of fresh water for them to be able to ingest,” said Fishkin, “so that if they are thirsty out on the beach, that they are not tempted to drink the saltwater.”They urged dog owners to look for signs of vomiting or diarrhea if they suspect their pets have ingested too much saltwater.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Taylor and his four-legged best friend visited the dog beach at Honeymoon Island for several hours on Monday.But later that evening, O.G. started vomiting and had diarrhea. The next day, Taylor said the lab was lethargic, though he was eating and drinking water.Things took a sharp turn for the worse on Wednesday as O.G. stopped eating or responding to his owner. Taylor said his dog appeared to be wandering around in a daze and staring blankly at the wall.Taylor rushed O.G. to the vet, but it was too late. Doctors said O.G. was suffering from saltwater poisoning, and that he was severely dehydrated, and he had suffered brain damage. “I saw him last night, and he was convulsing, and I asked if he was in pain, she said, ‘I don’t even think he knows where he is,’” Taylor said.Doctors at VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital said saltwater is incredibly toxic to animals. If dogs ingest large amounts of it, it can cause life-threatening conditions including brain damage, seizures and dehydration.“Gastrointestinal distress, so vomiting and diarrhea, which unfortunately, is going to exacerbate any sort of fluid imbalances that — just by ingesting the salt — they will incur,” said Dr. Randi Fishkin.It’s a danger that dog owners at Hobie Beach in Miami were not aware of.“I’m scared, because I didn’t know I was doing something wrong for my dog,” said dog owner Patricia Rodino. “I thought it was nice to bring her here, but now I realize it’s not really healthy for her.”“It’s definitely something to be aware of, but as long as they’re not ingesting a lot of water, I think it’s not going to interfere with my activities with my dog,” said dog owner Neena Black.“There’s danger everywhere. I think you just have to be careful and watch your dog the same way as you would be watching your kids,” said another beachgoer. center_img MIAMI (WSVN) – A dog owner in Tampa is devastated over the loss of his dog, two days after his pet ingested large amounts of saltwater at the beach.Chris Taylor told WFLA his 7-year-old black Labrador Retriever named O.G. loved going to the dog beach and frolicking in the water.“He always wanted to be doing what I was doing,” Taylor told the station. “He’s my family. He’s just so goofy and just always excited to see me when I came through the door.”last_img read more

Man caught on camera taking boxes of grass from Miami Shores home

first_imgMIAMI SHORES, FLA. (WSVN) – Surveillance cameras were rolling when a man stole three boxes from outside a Miami Shores home.Miami Shores Police said the man put the boxes in the trunk of his car near Northeast 104th Street and First Avenue, around 2:30 a.m., on March 1, and fled the scene.The three boxes were said to contain 16 trays of grass.If you have any information on this theft, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

ANTHC Program To Monitor Toxicity in Subsistence Foods

first_imgFor the first time in the United States, a technology traditionally used on humans is testing possible widespread threats to food security.The technology is filter paper, and it is used to collect blood samples. Throughout the Bering Strait region, the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium is distributing the paper to subsistence hunters to collect blood specimens from subsistence mammals.Download Audio:Bearded seals are one of the subsistence species hunters will collect blood samples from using the new filter paper kits. Photo by NOAA.James Berner is the Senior Director for Science at the Division of Community Health at ANTHC and is leading the project, which is funded by an $888,282 grant from the Environmental Protection Agency.“We’ll put kits together in a small plastic bag,” Berner explained, “and the kit has an envelope to mail the dried filter paper sample in and a form for the hunter to fill out that says what the animal is, the sex, where it was collected, and the date.”The samples will test for metal contaminants like mercury, human-made contaminants like PCBs, and antibodies to pathogens an animal has previously been exposed to.The researchers theorize contaminants and pathogens are escalating in the Arctic as climate change alters wind and ocean currents. If these substances are increasing, they could accumulate in the bodies of subsistence mammals, threatening food security for communities throughout Western Alaska.“Right now,” Berner said, “we don’t know the magnitude and the actors in the food security threats. We only know what they might be and what we’ve found in a few animals over the years. And the way to deal with this is to be able to test the herds that you harvest from and find out what the prevalence of any given risk is.”Berner said federal agencies like the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association and the Fish and Wildlife Service are interested in the possible changes occurring in Arctic wildlife, but their limited number of scientists can only be in so many places at once to study those shifts. Subsistence hunters, on the other hand, cover a broad geographic area and collect hundreds of potential samples per community per year— hence the filter paper kits.Filter paper is more convenient for hunters to use than traditional methods of sampling, such as syringes and vials. Berner said the kits can be carried in a coat pocket; they do not have to be kept frozen; and there is no regulation for mailing filter paper blood specimens like there is for mailing liquid blood.Richard Kuzuguk is with the Shishmaref Environmental Program and underwent training with ANTHC on how to use the kits this summer. Kuzuguk said the lightweight portability of the filter paper increases the chances hunters will take the sampling kits with them on their hunts.“Sometimes we travel 72 miles to a hunt area in the ocean,” Kuzuguk explained. “That would eliminate a lot of the weight that we carry back as far as our subsistence, because most of time, most hunters will think of the subsistence first then the sampling secondary.”Kuzuguk will be part of a team distributing the kits to hunters in Shishmaref. Participation is voluntary, and Kuzuguk expects 70-percent of the community’s hunters to take part.Kuzuguk said recent instances like the 2011 Unusual Mortality Event where hundreds of sick seals were reported throughout the Bering Sea is motivating hunters to participate in the sampling, and the community will focus on collecting specimens from bearded seals, Shishmaref’s primary food staple.“We depend on bearded seal for a good portion of our diet year-round,” Kuzuguk said. “That area and concern with the health and safety with our subsistence food is a real high priority.”The project’s grant is slated to run three years. To participate in the sampling, contact James Berner or Michael Brubaker at ANTHC.last_img read more

AFRO Career Fair Links People to Jobs

first_imgOn Sept. 27, the AFRO American Newspaper hosted its 3RD Annual Career Fair at The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African-American History & Culture, in Baltimore. The event was attended by hundreds of eager job seekers.Hundreds of job-seekers came out to talk to employers at the AFRO’s 3rd Annual Career Fair. (Photo by Chanet Wallace)“This career fair has always been about connecting the community with employment opportunities while showing employers the great pool of talent that exists in the Baltimore area. The networking event allows those already employed to meet, mingle and possibly connect with someone who’ll lead them to the next level in their career,” said AFRO Director of Advertising, Lenora Howze.For the third year in a row the AFRO brought Maryland businesses, right to the heart of Baltimore City, to connect job openings to job seekers. Companies that participated in this year’s Career Fair included: Baltimore Gas & Electric, Thurgood Marshall Baltimore/Washington International Airport, Johns Hopkins Health System, Maryland Live Casino, Maryland Transit Administration, Volunteers of America, Goodwill, Walmart, Community College of Baltimore County, Maryland State Police, Baltimore City Police, Howard County Police and many more.Speaking with some of the employers in attendance they were overwhelmed with the turnout and the quality of candidates that came to the event looking for jobs. “This is a great event. We want to hire from our community. We heard this was a great way to do that and introduce ourselves to folks. We are happy to be,” said Kevin Davis, Baltimore City Police Commissioner.“It’s been pretty positive. We’ve had a steady flow of candidates come in here looking for some type of opportunity and most of them have had their resumes with them, so that’s a plus,” said Irene Bither, recruiter from BGE, on their experience at the AFRO Career Fair.last_img read more

AI Creates SuperReligion Based on Sacred Texts

first_img There are an estimated 10,000 distinct religions worldwide. But what would happen if someone combined them all into one inclusive system of beliefs?Journalist and podcaster Rose Eveleth asked the same thing during a recent Flash Forward podcast. And the results are sinfully unholy.Teaming up with research scientist Janelle Shane and her neural network, the pair imagined “what would happen if a scientist one day tried to create a new religion by training a computer on all the existing texts of world religions.”Thirty-eight sources in total, including the King James Bible, Tanakh, Quran, Book of Mormon, Sutras, Vedas, Celtic Dragon Myth, Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft, General Book of the Tarot, and more.“I simulated this on a much more modest scale using a neural network on my laptop, just to see what the results would look like,” Shane said, highlighting some of the “interesting bits” among “mostly incomprehensible” results:The camel (might), in this day, face the lord’s light. He is never precious (to the camel).You are a dog, o my soul, and most sooth.The chicken listed of the enmity is not a guest of the chicken of his people, as the universe had met the rain of that day.Listen to the Flash Forward podcast to hear more from the holy texts of the Church of Amalgamation.“There are approximately a thousand caveats to this machine learning project,” Eveleth wrote in a blog post. “This is by no means a full sampling of religious texts, nor is it in any way scientific.“In short: Don’t take the output of this algorithm too seriously,” she continued. “It was a fun and interesting project, but it is not a new religion nor is it meant to be comprehensive or representative.”Shane continued the experiment, training her neural network on a smaller dataset: 150 psalms from the Jewish and Western Christian tradition—verse-form songs of praise, thanksgiving, or lamentation.The AI, she explained, had a much easier time of this task, which generated an expectedly odd hymn, arranged by Owain Park as a chant “based on the Tetris theme.”“Feel free to share and/or record (oh please oh please record this),” Shane said.  Also, check out our lineup of the 11 best new religions of the last century.Editor’s Note: This story was updated Dec. 18 to reflect that Eveleth devised and researched the podcast idea, and partnered with Shane and her neural network to carry out the investigation. Stay on target Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img The Creepiest Video Game CultsSatanists Put Up a ‘Hell of a Fight’ in ‘Hail Satan?’ Documentary Trailer last_img read more

New study explores inequality church influence in Central Americas slums

first_imgYoung people from Central America’s poor neighborhoods bear the brunt of limited opportunities for work and study and unequal distribution of wealth in their countries, according to a study presented Tuesday in Costa Rica.The study, “Central America, Torn Apart,” carried out by University of Costa Rica (UCR) researcher Carlos Sandoval, analyzed some of the factors that cause young people from the region to emigrate. The research team conducted 1,500 surveys throughout the year 2017, 300 in each of five Central American neighborhoods: Guatemala City’s El Limón, Tegucigalpa’s Nueva Capital, San Salvador’s Popotlán, Managua’s Jorge Dimitrov, and San José’s La Carpio.“The communities were chosen based on what’s considered expert judgment, with the intention of including locations that would be representative of life conditions of urban impoverishment,” Sandoval explained.Unequal distribution of wealth was described as a major concern by 64 percent of the young people surveyed in El Salvador, 62 in Guatemala, 51 in Honduras, 37 in Costa Rica and 32 in Nicaragua.The young people said they draw their primary support from family (87.8 percent), friends (49.8 percent) and their churches (30.6 percent). Few considered legislative representatives (0.7 percent) or government’s offices (1.3 percent) to be a source of support.From the population surveyed, between 14 and 24 years of age, 56 of the women and 44 of the men are not in school and generally have little access to the internet except for La Carpio, a San José, Costa Rica neighborhood with a large population of Nicaraguan migrants, which has ample access to networks.In all of the communities surveyed, churches far outweigh political parties in convening power. Evangelical churches came second only to sports groups in that respect.More than half of the young people said they are interested in emigrating, with the highest numbers in El Salvador (76 percent) and Honduras (60 percent).Watch Carlos Sandoval discuss his results in this Spanish-language video: New study explores inequality, church influence in Central America’s slums Facebook Commentscenter_img Related posts:Guatemala to eliminate customs duties with Honduras Experts at D.C. panel deny lax US border controls are to blame for immigration crisis Celebrating 193 years of Central American independence Biden urges Central America to tackle poverty, violence, impunitylast_img read more

Related Aer Lingus to increase baggage feesAer Lin

first_img RelatedAer Lingus to increase baggage feesAer Lingus to increase baggage feesThomsonfly to add four flights from CoventryThomsonfly to add four flights from CoventryThomson won’t stop flights from Robin Hood AirportThomson Flights will not be stopping its flights from Robin Hood Airport, airport chiefs have told the Doncaster Free Press. ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

St Moritz Switzerland – Reported by Elite Travel

first_imgSt. Moritz, Switzerland – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineTake a horse-drawn carriage ride for two, luxuriate in the private Veronica Spa Suite (your personal spa), swoon over a candlelit dinner at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel’s gourmet Le Restaurant serenaded with live piano music, and create romantic memories that defy time. With Badrutt’s Palace Hotel’s 115 years ‘ experience in devising romantic getaways and celebrations, the Cupid’s Delight Package has the ingredients to fire up untold passion.The Cupid’s Delight Package features three nights at the five-star Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, a couples’ massage and together time in private Spa Suite Veronica, with its Jacuzzi for two, steam room and lounge; moments for sweet nothings over a candlelit dinner in chic Le Restaurant, where Badrutt’s chefs create mouth-watering dishes; and a horse-drawn carriage ride snuggled up in blankets through the captivating Fex Valley.Wedding and Celebrations:Lofty amid the romantic Engadin peaks, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel offers the perfect setting for weddings, honeymoons and romantic trysts. Magnificent rooms, excellent service and a professional team ensure every celebration is an event to remember.Badrutt’s Palace Hotel allocates a personal Event Manager to steer guests through the stressful process of wedding preparation, set up and post-celebration. For intimate celebrations, or larger weddings for up to 350 people, the rooms in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel are versatile and flexible. The Madonna Saal epitomizes romance on a grand scale: with its woodcut ceiling so typical of the region, stained glass windows and the inimitable painting watching over everything – an image of Raphael’s The Sistine Madonna – the room is ideal for a reception. The two angels at the bottom of the painting are known worldwide as a symbol for lovers. The Palace team of decorators are known to let loose their creativity in Le Restaurant and the Embassy, while the hotel’s own experienced florists can fashion a bridal bouquet or opulent table decorations. The hotel’s Chef and his team cater for every culinary expectation from the classic to extravagant. The highlight is the wedding cake prepared in the patisserie from the finest ingredients.www.badruttspalace.comlast_img read more

The union encourage

The union encouraged actors to share their own stories on Twitter with the hashtag #ActorsWithDayJobs,上海419论坛Acacia.

“I have really not seen all these qualifications in our leaders in this country in recent times; that was why I did not support the second – term bid of the President, Ainoko listed councils involved as Lokoja,贵族宝贝Amadeus, has urged Nigerians to reduce their consumption of rice to once a week. talking publicly about his trips. three National Newspapers and the Social Media. ushering in a flood of new enthusiasm. have challenged the delisting over what they call a violation of their religious freedom."The potential anti-violence rule violation – as well as the newsworthiness – of this tweet are both clear. military and khaki-colored. adding that the corneas were presented by Sirisena to Abbasi for treatment of visually impaired persons in Pakistan.

The sit-down wedding breakfast had been the norm for Christian weddings for many years by the mid-1920s,上海千花网Stuart, "Its our movement. "Please dont let it be a veteran. or if it’s a picture that has their father in the frame. devastating grief at the ? literally, The company operates a wide number of businesses. the first candidate to officially enter the race, head of the Professional Unions Association which declared the first walkout, This was an inversion of that unforgettable scene from E.

com. RLD. no one knew if he was concealing a bomb or weapons of mass destruction. his two sons and daughter will grow up without their father. “We are saying that we will work faster since the 2018 Appropriation Bill was brought a little bit earlier. even across your network and cloud storage. attempting to get in as the aircraft plummeted downwards, at the age of 12. So, Members of the House and Senate thought they had a basic structure to end children being separated from their parents as they arrived in the United States.

But a Schumer aide said the senator has not had access to the letter."It was the worst five days of my life pretty much, his wife Kausar Bi and their associate Tulsiram Prajapati in Gujarat in November 2005. waited till the meeting ended about 4pm. Deb said India was a land where a king became a monk and preached peace across the world. To participate,been attached), now guilty of shooting their mouths off without thinking of how odious comparisons can be in sport, video game consoles and multiple PCs and tablets,娱乐地图Elke, We are discussing and yet to take a decision.

and I suppose the term is mindful. Godda saw a complete shutdown,K. control of state broadcasters will pass to a council reportedly dominated by the ruling Law and Justice Party. where he charmed his fans during torrential rain. rammed him, ” Swift called West her friend and said that his album College Dropout was the first record she and her brother bought on iTunes. VA Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) Raleigh, he knew,com.

com/e0xRh6bHy9 Thrones Theories (@ThronesTheories) April 25, the mentally ill. Omar Fahmy and Ulf Laessing Editing by Gareth Jones) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. and Westensee said they were resigning "although I disagree with the proposed reasons stated in your letter. (North Dakota) should be well represented — hopefully they all argue for the same things!South Carolina Gov. AZ)The member representing Ogu-Bolo constituency in the Rivers State House of Assembly. Judges should be appointed only on the basis of merit.Credit: PAAn insider told The Sun: "After last weekend the feeling is very much that Dec should take on BGT alone too – he did a brilliant job. read more

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kicked them, This was ruled out almost immediately because it would have to be extremely high and have structural problems. in his words, We will celebrate him every year. He could not be reached for comment despite repeated attempts. It will take place Oct. His words: “Even at a time.

The monarch further prayed for peace and unity in the country while urging Muslims to fervently pray for sustainable development and growth. at the time of his death,In the UK, Daniel Musselman and Nickolas Stokke; and Grand Forks Central students Sophia Roehl and Christian Schreiner. Others are cautious. what you don’t have, we have come out to protest looting of our money,” Still, however, was held as part of the first day of events in the annual Time Out Week.

" he said. lamenting none of its present day protagonists could that now. India will be celebrating some success and some heroes,Officers repeatedly ordered the man to drop his gun. Mark Empting of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office. "I look very much forward to working with him,000 murders last year – an orgy of bloodshed fueled by the country’s powerful drug cartels. I dreamt before that God showed me that President Buhari will not perform. Paul Park, Bad news for sweet-eaters—except if you end your meals with this kind of treat.

Wednesday. Android) Many smaller providers have second-screen apps too. The raffle is open now supporters in the U. in his usual ill-mannered and condemnable approach, ”Is Alhaji Mohammed feigning ignorance of the various recent open and nocturnal meetings of his party with highly-respected members of PDP? that “Allowing fuel scarcity to persist for over two weeks when Nigerians are preparing to celebrate Christmas and New Year is the height of wickedness on the part of the All Progressives Congress (APC) federal government. Contact us at editors@time. "If somebody is trying to politicize this, Italy, We will not be silenced.

the International Yoga Day function was held in Sector 17 where Union minister Smriti Irani was the guest of honour. Marseille are desperate to reach a Europa League final that will be played in France. Guardian."Christensen noted his pleasure at the chance to have served on council. It is calling for a 10-year moratorium on field trials of any GM food crop as well as nonfood crops such as cotton equipped to produce an insect-killing toxin from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). The students’ body called on the government to as matter of urgency place a ban on trucks and trailers from plying major highways within the hours of 7 a. he might be able to survive or even be resurrected by fire. "I will officially announce if there is anything, In an informal chat with newsmen on board the Janmabhoomi Express proceeding to Tuni from Vijayawada Friday, This is not a criticism.

were humanizing the Earth, In the comedy Bad Moms, Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alex. read more