Soesdyke chair attempts to evict Kwame McCoy from NDC meeting

first_imgAn attempt was made by the Chairman of the Soesdyke Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), Leslie Glasgow, to evict political activist Kwame McCoy from a regular Council meeting on Wednesday.However, the Chairman failed to succeed on his plan when McCoy refused to leave the meeting and explained that as a member of the public, he has every right to sit in, unless it’s sensitive in nature.The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) activist told Guyana Times that upon a formal request by Glasgow to leave the meeting, he informed him that he was acting in contravention of the laws of Guyana.McCoy said he quoted Chapter 28:02 of the law, which speaks directly to the issue which explains that any member of the public is allowed to attend a Council meeting as long as there is accommodation.It was further explained to the NDC Chairman that a member of the public could also be excluded from the meeting if he or she interrupts the proceedings, but only after a warning.McCoy claimed that it was the second time since attending the NDC meeting that the Chairman requested for him to leave without cause. He said at first, he was not equipped with the law, so he opted to leave.During the attempt the evict him, Glasgow referred to an archaic and irrelevant paper from 1980 that addresses meetings. But McCoy maintained that the law is superior to a standing order.However, he views the Chairman’s decision to target him as an attempt to presumably hide from public scrutiny, especially since the Council has allegedly been implicated in serious financial irregularities. McCoy also thinks that Glasgow was being ‘politically vindictive’ towards him.He said based on this experience, he is hoping that all local organs across the country educate themselves on local laws, particularly as it relates to their organisation.last_img

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