Website original and pseudo original manufacturing tutorials, season 1

11 Jul

Website original and pseudo original manufacturing tutorials, season 1

as we all know, all search engines love most is originality. Of course, this is also in line with the now network information needs, if we open the search engine, search out are reproduced hundreds of times, even a few years ago, or a keyword search out hundreds of articles you said as like as two peas, users feel how? A website is not their own original content, all the contents of all collection, which is copied, it is like a dry Steamed Buns Jiaolan people is not interested in search engine, the. If you want to put the site into a search engine to the collection of meat and potatoes, you have to think about the original method. But now most are personal webmaster, who also don’t have the skills to have the energy a day dozens of original articles, that how to realize the website original content? This is the point of the superficial experience, talk about how to process the original and pseudo original content, play a role, there may be little help to the new owners, I hope the old webmaster criticism.

said the original several big methods:

1. wrote it himself. This is nonsense, but it is the most direct and effective. Most of the webmaster is their website industry out of their own industry trendsetter, should be more proficient in the. For example, you do is a mobile phone website, you must be familiar to all kinds of mobile phone models, performance, operating system, trend. If you are industry experts for digital products, but not to be a classical music website, then I also Speechless, you must write the classical music of the original article must write original articles than digital products more difficult. Since you are more understanding of the industry, the original is simple. Can write the new contents, unique articles of course the best, not just to comment, you will boast, it is not on the curse, of course was the judge, sometimes criticism but can receive better results. But pay attention to writing skills. First of all, the title, the title to attract attention, so that search engines will be interested (we can learn more about the title of the party, to learn from a variety of people to absorb good experience, ha ha). For example, my website “”, I want to write a review of the data structure, PubMed review, “talking about the review process of data structure” can only be a poor topic. But in “how to get 7 days of data structure, data structure review 9 shortcut” and “10 data structure of the review of the stumbling block and the effect is not the same. People on a number of things of interest, not a “### N coup” posts, will certainly become a hot spot, but also appears to become an independent school. Of course, to do SEO, then analysis and analysis of keywords, and then add keywords to the title, it is better. Secondly, they should pay attention to the first period of writing, the first stage for thousands of words, there are so few lines probably explain the content on the line. As reported in the newspapers often lead, that probably means, the concise and comprehensive language, humor better. The first paragraph is also the focus of search engines, so some keywords can also be appropriate

11 Jul

On the development of shopping websites

1, status quo

current shopping site, landing in, that is eyeful merchandise.

but, stationmaster, have you considered your client’s mind carefully,

most people are wandering before they happen to buy. Buy this or that one? He doesn’t know. Before purchasing behavior occurs, he needs to obtain information, compare, analyze and judge.

at this time of the consumer, it is very easy to be propaganda around. So, you can find that there are promoters or shopping guides in the shopping malls now. This is very important.

so there must be promotions or shopping guides on your website. It’s better to comment.

so, we can find, now Taobao, commodity information and shopping guide module, accounted for half of the country.

I have a steel mesh. It’s I’m not satisfied with this site right now. But there is always no time for his revision.

2, sublimation

said above a pile of friends said, but that is to increase information and shopping guide ah.

yes, you can say so, but if you see that, you’re still very junior.

now, let’s sublime it.

‘s current shopping website is basically product oriented, offering products, selling products everywhere, regardless of what the target customer wants, nor considering the actual situation of the target customer.

‘s next shopping network will be customer value oriented, offering no longer a product, but a whole package of solutions. For example, I have a colleague to get married, I want to send gifts, but I do not know what to send. When the gift of what kind of attention, what should pay attention to? What is more appropriate,


previous shopping network, is put on a pile of gifts, you pick it. What do you get for your colleagues?.

after shopping network, there is such a solution. Tell you what to send at the same time wedding, the best recommend this product, sub recommend that product. When giving a gift, say what, pay attention to what etiquette, gifts, when to send, how to send, how to pack, and so on, these things in the solution,

Both sides of the

are available. Even a fool, who goes through the packaging of this solution, becomes a person of action.

someone said, “it’s big and complicated. I want to be a professional shopping network.”.

ha ha, if you think so, it shows that what you do not understand is not in place. Special means not less, but authority. You can provide a spiritual target customer satisfaction solution that demonstrates your authority in this field.

Oh, here, I do not long winded. >

11 Jul

Movie station establishment experience, I hope you can experience

recent traffic horse stuff, I also took the horse program made a movie station, I’ll talk about the experience of opening a movie station!

1, home page. Home page must not have too many pictures, dazzling, true loyal friends do not look at pictures, they only come to the home page to see what you stand on the new content, what recommendations?. There is also to consider the speed problem, too many pictures, web loading is very slow, impatient users see pictures 10 seconds not loaded, must close the browser.

2, channel establishment. Most movie stations classify movies into funny movies, love movies, action movies and horror movies… Wait。 In fact, this is the webmaster own wishful thinking. And the real intention of netizens is: like watching Korean drama, will only watch Korean dramas, like watching American drama, also watch American TV only, like watching TV, will only watch TV, and don’t care what kind of movie is. For example, I like watching American movies, either horror movies or war films, so long as they are good looking. Therefore, the classification of the movies I stand is very simple: Japan and South Korea films, mainland films, Hong Kong and Taiwan films, European and American films.

3, the number of movies. Many websites have tens of thousands of movies. Take a closer look at many movies with 0 hits. Why? Too much content, but not the net friend’s attention, everybody does not have me to take a look, will know, the movie quantity actually is not many. However, the Department is the most popular, the most concerned about the net friend. How do you know which movies and TV programs are most popular with users? Refer to the Baidu billboard, the Google search list, and the thunder rankings.

4, update speed. In fact, you don’t need to update too much every day. It’s good to update several hottest movies and latest TV shows every day. But there is a principle, that is, to update every day, so there are two advantages,

1 is to increase the viscosity of users,

2 is a search engine, more like updated websites every day.

if you do these 4 points, the movie station is perfect, the next is the promotion, publicity and promotion as to how many master has been introduced, I will not say, here is a good movie traffic exchange site,

to write this!

12 Aug

The webmaster do to mature from the novice webmaster webmaster

, for example, do the station is equivalent to teach students, if you start with the idea to teach the students.

The basic work of Within the chain

the content of the website is the only thing can make users stay eye, because the task you do well, but the content is not good enough, also cannot keep users in terms of content, must have their own characteristics, if it is done Taobao store or learn web design, the know how to do a good job be nothing difficult. Because the site outside the chain, users can not see, but see the content is intuitive. Recommended the station early to set up the "real users or service" this concept to do things, you do feel very tired, even no start feeling it, let alone to do this thing.

webmaster, timely increase web site outside the chain, this is why? Because the site except in the chain is important, it is the foundation of the chain; the chain optimization of the site plays a vital role. With the high quality of the original article, to keep the station, in addition, the main work is the chain.

third, the content of the website diversification.

understand the site’s people know, except in the chain and the chain, and the following is the chain:

no man is born what, do one thing, to have to learn, but then imitate, skilled, should have their own style, otherwise it will fail. Is the shop open on the store or website owners, copy the methods are the fastest, but copy at the same time, to the good things you added, so as to achieve their purpose. Do the station has a good foreground, it is to own a station to do, how to do? What to do at each stage, they must be clear, such as the beginning, to plan their own website, for the crowd is what kind of, how can we have more traffic how can we better profit.

in the chain process, like some higher weight, included quite fast forum, two is to maintain the frequency of release, should not be too quick to release more outside the chain of a chain, three is foreign attention, to ensure that the chain reached its expected effects.

site: the chain must be very serious and planning to do. This is one of the most. Good inside chain is the site’s chief of staff, the station management things very orderly, there is a sense of hierarchy, look no confusion, or management. It is like a tree branch, can guide the webmaster to assign the appropriate content, equivalent to the extended directory, so webmaster do not mess up. At the same time, in order to ensure better enhance the site parameters better be included, from the source to improve the optimization objective, the first initiative to the webmaster to do within the chain, so as to play the role of the site within the chain for itself.

well, said. Do the site inside and outside the chain chain and content, is the most basic, is the best way.

12 Aug

To improve website weight of love Shanghai

second, in addition to stability, but also have interesting content, if we click into the website, the content is not absolutely empty, what, how to attract people? So it is to be noted.


!The original

, the first to do their own site stability, some sites are always in the maintenance system and maintenance system will have a damaging natural, someone else is not open the site, nor even the least stability, what about the traffic? What about robustness? So, it is necessary to do.

love Shanghai?

is made up of Yang Network 贵族宝贝tuiyang贵族宝贝, reprint please, thank you


to a point to note is: increase the weight and we add Links, some friends love add some sites, think of their useful. In fact, we call the object exchange is our website. Shanghai love weight actually to do, this is not difficult, we need from the infrastructure site a little start, natural website popularity will gradually better, and we love Shanghai weight also has a comprehensive rise under your heart


website has a "stability" can improve the weight of love Shanghai, as everyone knows if you start your site is not stable, even a few days to see others, even the website is not so, not to mention improve the weights of the problem. So how do we increase the weight of

some friends will feel particularly hard, actually not difficult, as long as you every little bit first from the construction site of the first to do, you can increase the weight of it. How to do that? Is it difficult to

?How to improve the weight of Shanghai ?

12 Aug

The principle of good temper and analysis lead spider web site

Er have many Shanghai dragon spider was a person, has its own preferences, has its own principles, you work with it, it will give you collected enough to website also diligent, you do not match it, it will be right down. Some principles of preferences and here I will talk about the spider.

spider man, the first time, will give the spider left a deep impression, it will remember your website is what to do, remember the title of your website, remember your layout, if you do not let these spiders look down, then your website the first page included time may be more than ordinary people more than 1-2 weeks, or even longer, and when it has a note of this, you can not change, the big changes to the end, you know, to be changed in the best spider not come your site change.

search engine spider crawling robot, will be around here every day, scratching, over there, unscrupulous, but even so, we also have to look at it as the uncle, have tried to please him, because it directly determines the number included in the site, directly determine the weight of the website. I seldom see the basic web log, too hard, a lot of crowded together English and numbers, see a headache, until the time station was drop right after, in order to please the spider, in order to make the site recovery forced himself to cut, and with the deepening of knowledge of Shanghai dragon it is easy to use, find web log, especially can visually see how spider crawling website, according to the spider crawling rules to update the article, greatly improve the site included.


4, with the continuous development of the search engine, will be left out of the old information, the latest information, it also created a spider Xixinyanjiu, for fresh information, will never crawl, if you feed it every day fresh information, then it will climb it more Huan Huan, do not worry about no website development, so the original is very important, is a must, although the original is difficult, especially for every day of the original, think of a headache, "

spider determines a snapshot of the site, on the site to climb away things constantly take, that the content of the site quality is good, it will come more diligent, then certainly snapshot site will also better, form a good cycle, a basic requirement of high weight website which is achievement.



spider crawling web time are generally similar, generally 2 times a day, of course, some large sites are not the same, I said is in small sites, if more than 2 times, you let the spider love if there is no website, 2, sorry, you should examine yourself station method. According to the spider to time, we can make a website content update time in spider before the content update, has greatly improved the collection. Even A5 this station is no exception, they approved the soft not immediately put out, but unified in three time, estimation is the reason.

12 Aug

The new Shanghai dragon how to do layout sketch

finally is the content page layout sketch. And the list page >

finished the home after the next sketch, the layout of the page is a list of. For the enterprise website, the website layout includes two parts, one is the product list page, a page is a list of articles. List page layout mainly includes three blocks, one is the sidebar settings, a piece of content is placed, and a block, a block is the most important, that is the breadcrumb navigation design. Because the top, including LOGO, the main navigation, home page, list page, content page is the same, so we need only consider the sidebar and list of contents and bread crumbs can. List of products are generally used to show pictures, and the page is generally used in the form of anchor text, our website must be added to the picture ALT tag. Note that the sidebar of the list page and page placement must not be the same.

three, the content page layout sketch

two, the list page layout sketch

page layout sketch

today and we talk about the new Shanghai dragon when how to do site layout sketch. Shanghai dragon with more and more popular, Shanghai dragon encounter more and more problems in the process of. For example the ranking does not go on, decline in the rankings, included poor, high conversion rate and low bounce rate. In addition to believe that small part of public site and a small part of a hobby to do out of the site, more than 80% of the site or for profit. So, is our website ranking after waiting for orders to go? NO, absolutely not! Website ranking in the end of the long march is the first step, we have more work to do

the first thing to do is home layout sketch. The enterprise website as an example, the home page layout sketch usually includes such several parts, the first is the top of the LOGO and banners, second is the main site navigation, third is the sidebar, the fourth is to promote the rolling picture, fifth is the first page of the article link sixth is at the bottom of the layout. The layout of a specific method, we can refer to some competitors website, do, especially those sites ranked well in love in Shanghai.

, a

tidal Shanghai dragon heard the most is, a lot of friends complain about the website jump out rate is very high, the website has not received orders. In fact, the real reaction site user experience is poor, or the user can not find required content or site layout make the user feel very inconvenient.

we do want to have a website conversion rate, we must consider the use of most of the user experience. We are in the sales of our products, we are not to buy things, we go to buy things as long as I can feel good, but the sale is not the same. This is the importance of a good website layout so before a new station on the line, Shanghai as a dragon, do want to do website sketches. Under the tide of Shanghai Longfeng for everyone to talk about the three steps of making the site layout sketch.


12 Aug

Zhong Zhixin on how to update the website content

is the first one: now I found that many webmaster have become lazy, in the use of the so-called thief program, the thief program is probably a collection procedures, can easily take to the specified web site content, and now the program is more and more advanced, but also pseudo original. It is a large collection of content on a website, to increase the content of the website, but after all the program is not so flexible, procedures, some articles of false meaning has been completely different, it was impossible. Although the Shanghai dragon knows of the search engine is a low similarity to the love, but you know, we do not look to the search engines, our user is a person, only the customer satisfaction, in order for the website profit, otherwise, even if your keywords in the search engine ranking first, what is the use of? Search to your site, but users see it go right now, and could not come, so what is the point? The user high quality will only read the article will pay, and is likely a viscous, next time may come, and is likely to turn to a friend to this, Why not?? so I personally recommend less thieves procedures.

second tricks: there are many webmaster without collection procedures, is indeed their own copy and paste, the slightly better than the first one maybe a bit. This is also divided into two kinds, one is their own pseudo original good and then send to their website, one is what are not changed, directly copied to the web site. The first is a I personally recommended practice, simple said is to rely on artificial pseudo original, this acquisition program slightly more than the original false quality a little bit better; the latter is without looking directly to the articles posted to the website, I see the most exaggerated the title is not changed, but there is also the Title of names, for example, most people love the name + title of the article, as I love Zhong Zhixin: the title of the article. I have seen a lot of title that they have not changed, but also directly is the name and title, but the copyright, but changed to their website source, so get throught a thing carelessly. I feel that since to do, to do a good job, or not to do, do not know if you don’t agree with my views.

even if their writing ability is poor, can not write original articles, the original will. Personally feel that the best pseudo original should be their own look over the others, and then according to their own understanding of the meaning.

I believe we all know as a personal webmaster, is a very hard thing, if eat bitter, it is best not to do it, especially when the website promotion is the most hard. Personal webmaster and enterprise owners are not the same, what things need to be hands-on, unlike the enterprise Adsense that there is a clear division of labor, website artists do artists, the website program do procedures, network promotion is responsible for the promotion, website operators have specialized departments and so on, personal webmaster want to set these for a not hard to blame. But there are also many webmaster opportunistic.

12 Aug

Zhu Wenle I love Shanghai in July 8th formally to the promotion of Shanghai statistics of love

is worth mentioning is that in Shanghai there have been hints of love in the beta of the Webmaster Platform love, Shanghai intends to let the webmaster try love Shanghai statistics at the same time, Shanghai began to focus on the love Webmaster Platform, but now join Webmaster Platform still need to invite code, I believe that the recent English Shanghai dragon will also open to the webmaster.

from this survey: 49.68% of the owners said that the installation dare love Shanghai statistics, 26.64% of the owners can not, the remaining 23.68% of the owners said no.

the Shanghai dragon blog original article, please indicate: 贵族宝贝


to find relevant results.

The number of XXX

fell in love with the sea launch one after another Adsense interested function, has nearly 50% said people dare to try to love Shanghai statistics. The love of Shanghai in the webmaster view site included page to promote the love of Shanghai collected statistics statistics more accurate than expected site syntax, many owners will therefore try to choose love Shanghai statistics.

today is Friday love Shanghai regular update of the day, English Shanghai dragon through the site grammar check the web site included, unfortunately this day Shanghai has not been updated, but English found Shanghai dragon site web search results of revision, the search results in the party, not only in bold shows the site collected, adds a hint:

Shanghai has been to the webmaster friends love love Shanghai statistics, but many owners have been accustomed to using third party statistics, and the statistics of many love Shanghai webmaster friends are very afraid of taboo, love is love installation Shanghai statistics Shanghai comprehensive monitoring sites, increase the risk of being punished love Shanghai. Compared with the love of Shanghai, the third party statistics more trustworthy. Shanghai recently launched a series of love and love in Shanghai included the amount of query, click map page, Shanghai Longfeng suggestions webmaster sensitive function, trying to win over the majority of owners. This is a report on the recent Shanghai dragon why "you dare to install love Shanghai statistics" survey:

"failure, please visit the complaint center snapshot problem. Other questions please visit Shanghai Webmaster Platform love.


this number is estimated, the site administrator for more accurate included quantity, please use the love Shanghai statistics.

12 Aug

The optimization bottleneck should change strategy of Shanghai Dragon

website, I think this site is not love Shanghai still assessment, although I to restore the weight, but for some reason (I think it was before the new optimization over) don’t give me a good ranking. Of course, there may be a key competition is relatively large, "the words", steel plate net, the degree of competition is not small, here add that too much love Shanghai index, competitors and search results is the most important pages, as shown below:

The above is the basic situation of the


can see the top 50 49 station is home, I have carefully read in the first page of the website, basically some of the old station, not new, but the old station optimization do good, many websites have no long-term management, no updates. Look at some sites really very rubbish, but also add a lot of internal links. I don’t know why such content can stay on the first page, I want to encounter such a situation, many Shanghai dragon people are more anxious, how should I do? Should I change the Shanghai dragon strategy, try to change, to see if there is any effect. But we can control what is not much, as long as the update frequency, the quality of the chain, the number of pages, I modify the statistics under this month "steel net" this keyword before the three page ranking, found no new sites, >

is the enterprise station, I did 2 months, the basic situation now is: "the words" steel net in 50 has been hovering around a month ago, the weight of the station was back, back to just before the optimization soon gave me about 50 ranking, but immediately it was down the right, after the recovery has been no big change what. The snapshot update is normal, can also be included. As for the content of most of them are original, but this two days ago I did an experiment, I wrote the original has been included in the article add internal links, before I update articles are without internal links, because the new station with the link is difficult to be included, the inspection found time yesterday the article has been deleted love Shanghai.



Shanghai dragon friends will be the bottleneck problems in the optimization process, is that no matter how do you go to the construction of the chain, update the content have no way to increase keyword ranking, but several main keywords ranking has been wandering in dozens of stagnant, this situation may be a month, may also be for several months. General station of a company to optimize the time of not more than 3 months, if 3 months is not optimized to the first page, then have to sum up the reasons, what causes it? Is the optimization of the intensity of their own is not enough, also is the keyword itself too much competition, of course, sometimes love Shanghai "unresponsive" as to the author of a customer’s site as an example, figure:

12 Aug

The home page is the mirror insert malicious code to the original station without subject



into the mirror site, view the code, it is

15 years after mid December, operation occurred at the site home page ranking in Shanghai love PC search all lost, and the 360, Sogou subject page ranking, site traffic situation greatly decreased.

of course, remember to restart Apache to take effect. The next step is to delete the temporary snapshot of love Shanghai, there is no good way, only complaints quickly "

is not open to a few seconds, the browser will pop up alarm – the code has inserted into the noble baby advertising, there is a malicious link, this image is not the judgment, just strange! Also from the Ping mirror site can be accounted for IP, to confirm the IP address belongs to area:



know you came to find good, traffic statistics IP in the United States a year since the gradual compression time, finally determine the time is December 8th 15 a year since the first IP visit, time distance rankings of a mid week so that the exact point in time! Therefore is a mirror image of the original station to confirm there no ranking phenomenon. My station is not enough, how the site so much the same website mirroring the

accidentally in a forum to see a new message by said image, use the title to love Shanghai, it was found that there is a mirror:

How to solve ?


another site too, found a total of two stations were mirror. A complete image of the address is


recent investigation, found that two station operation is my image, and insert malicious code in the mirror sites, resulting in the original site home page (no subject is a ranking of all have no, N pages are not here), the details released for reference, because of the site more, not one by one contact the site.

The confirmation of


first to shield it to malicious image capture, and then delete the snapshot fall in love with the sea. Your own server, you can configure Apache:

The 1. problem of

check the malicious mirror site has 5760, to find a business station, an administrator from the media communication station, under the circumstances, the situation encountered and I agree.

can not be said to be a mirror, home page ranking on the affected, but this mirror has a special place:


from the United States!

12 Aug

Week on how to obtain high-quality static website ranking

chain is the search engine is vote of confidence that something must be done well, first you can start from Links. Links no more in the fine, find some high quality weight website to exchange Links, will be on your web site rankings play a multiplier effect.

because the static website general code is very concise, without too much effort in dealing with the problem of the code. In addition to the code, is the website of the writing of the title and description, this is a very important point to every single page one around the theme of the page title, with simple and fluent with the language of the core keywords to write description.

in addition to Links that other places, you can submit a site to the directory, also can be in the Links exchange platform release links in the chain construction which love Shanghai related products, blogs and classification of information can be used, of course, the chain can make text link anchor text try to make the anchor, not really can be made into a form of URL is clickable, if not enough, it can not be made to click on the link text form.

Kung Fu

for the static web site will stand outside the optimization, it is particularly important, relative to the static website, optimize the work station is also the construction of the chain.

two: all station

: a perfect work station optimization

also is the inside of the website image optimization, this point I believe we all know, is the picture of the ALT attribute. The ALT attribute on how to write a reasonable not repeat here, there are many articles on the Internet, you can reference.

The The chain of

in addition, within the chain related static web site also need unimpeded, strong and reasonable. It is very important for the static website. Strong inside chain can not only ensure smooth access to your site spider smooth index, you can improve the user experience of the website to increase your website viscosity.

in most of the Shanghai dragon eyes of Er, dynamic website in a sense more easily to get the search engine ranking quality, relative to the dynamic website, static web site is not so easily done. Because we all know that the static website is composed of a single static page, update the content in this link is restricted by a lot of things. However, a week today to talk about the topic is that static websites can get good quality rankings. So how to do static web site of Shanghai Longfeng work? I summed up the following points:

after my practice, I think, to make a static website to get good rankings, in addition to the internal site optimization work done well, a certain number of high quality chain plays a decisive role. If you can take more than two do, static websites can users and dynamic web site’s ranking and even beyond.

12 Aug

The latest answer what is the chain of garbage


is better understood, now we all know, with the Internet and search engine optimization development, most of the webmaster like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in this big emerging platform, so naturally appeared in many convenient website webmaster observe dynamic website. When we use these tools webmaster platform or query the website information, there will be corresponding to the search results page, will also be included, which belongs to the chain of garbage, because this type of link survival time is very short, but no effect on the website.

small in the beginning when the website mentioned discriminant of garbage chain is controversial, is mainly on this point. Many webmaster in some high weight stationmaster forum do business links or not some website optimization this industry links, these links in the end belongs to the chain of garbage? From official data, these belong to the chain of garbage, because the search engine ranking voting, weighted voting on the website the chain of related industries is very small. But in Shanghai the chain webmaster query tool, which are not related to the chain is the chain ranking query results. This shows that the weight of the chain is very high, the optimization of website has played the role of no ground for blame.


so small that aside from the first and second all have known as junk the chain does not talk, then the chain website whether it is related in the garbage outside the chain of discrimination is difficult to say clearly. Small simple to give the example of this campaign like XX clothing company leadership, you feel for a group of selling pork to the leadership vote, or a group of garment industry.

this is the most basic garbage outside the chain, many tools group is relying on this link to search results produced by search time. They all know that now, these tools have been very rampant, but the charges are not high, short time, a massive increase in the chain to the site, the chain in fact is the biggest harm may lead directly to your site is down right.

2. some webmaster service website chain website ranking

3. related links


what is the chain of garbage? We can see from the love of Shanghai official news release, the garbage chain refers to the target site is not recommended, not by hyperlinks to the site deliberate. This is the official definition of pure. So in small series of garbage outside chain varied with the chain search engine algorithm to update the garbage there are many. But these have discrimination is very controversial.

listen to a lot of courses through recently, also made many website optimization, small finishing concrete distribution about the chain of garbage, the total can be explained from 3 aspects:

1. search results page from the link

Why is

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